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Safe, reliable, stable – this is what the name ABUS stands for

Security Tech Germany

From the family-owned cellar forge to a globally successful security company
1924, in the small town of Volmarstein near Wetter an der Ruhr: this was a time when people still went to the cinema to watch silent films, when children played on streets that were barely passable by car and computers were still pure dreams of the future. But in 1924, August Bremicker and his sons achieved the masterpiece of launching a padlock that was groundbreaking for his future and that of his family: the “Iron Rock”.
At that time, the family started developing and producing padlocks in the basement of their home. With strong competition: in Volmarstein and the surrounding area there were many such smithies at the time. But August Bremicker and his sons were so successful that the company quickly grew to 300 employees. So that in 1929 the production facility in Hegestraße in Volmarstein was bought, which is still in operation today.