1. General Details
    Cargo water resistant bag, 8 ltr
    Designed by GIVI for off-road Enduro motorcycles, it can be mounted on the Maxi Enduro motor protector as additional load, or on the saddle and carrier.
    It can be mounted in combination with the GRT721 Canyon-Base as a side and top bag and can also be modulated with the GRT720 side bags as an additional side load.
    The GRT722 cargo bag allows you to modulate the luggage configuration to suit your loading needs, from short day trips to longer, more demanding motorcycle journeys.Materials:
    • 840 TPU high tenacity
    • TPU reinforcements
    • Exterior materials with high UV resistance
    • Seamless high-frequency welded (IPX5 waterproofing, withstands heavy rain and extreme conditions)As standard:
    • Waterproof Roll Top closure system
    • Modular with GRT721 Canyon-Base, as side and top bag
    • Modular with GRT722 side bags as an additional side load
    • Attachment via belts to the motorcycle
    • Fastened to the engine guard and the Canyon-Base by means of adjustable straps with clamp closure to ensure that the tension is maintained.
    • Fastening to the saddle by means of straps
    • Reflective patterned prints for greater visibility


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